Bloomberg Nursing Building

New Faculty Join Bloomberg Nursing for the 2013/2014 School Year

17 June 2013

Bloomberg Nursing introduces three new lecturers to the Faculty for the 2013/2014 school year.  A breadth of research and clinical experience accompany the three and the Faculty welcomes them into the academic community.  The newest additions are:

Dr. Jaime Lapeyre:  returns to our Faculty as a lecturer after time at the University of Ottawa.   Dr. Lapeyre completed her PhD at the University of Toronto on the history of public health nursing education and internationalism in nursing.  She will bring her depth of knowledge on nursing history and professional issues to both her undergraduate and graduate teaching.  Her research interests continue to grow and focus on the history of nursing education.

Laura Fairley:  a registered nurse with a clinical background in street outreach nursing and residential hospice palliative care will take on the role of lecturer.  Her nursing work has focused specifically on the provision of care to marginalized populations, particularly the homeless and under-housed.  Fairley has developed clinical expertise in the areas of harm reduction, community outreach, psychosocial rehabilitation, end-of-life care, and bereavement support.  Her research and community advocacy interests are related to improving access to palliative care for terminally-ill, homeless men and women, particularly those who live outdoors.

Polly Florius:  a nurse clinician at Mount Sinai, Florius has a strong clinical background in mental health, most notably as a group and individual therapist using a range of modalities.  She also has a specialty in the assessment and care of persons with psychological trauma, mental health and addictions.  In the last six years Polly has been an instructor with TAPE programming for continuing education and the Mount Sinai Psychotherapy Institute and now joins the Faculty as a lecturer.