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Researchers at the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing drive ground-breaking and collaborative research, dedicated to improving health delivery and outcomes. Our research makes a difference, informing public policy, clinical care and social programs, and professional practice. Our research excellence is recognized with the highest number of endowed nursing chairs in Canada, and our unique capacity to develop solutions to society’s complex challenges contributes to the University of Toronto’s ranking as Canada’s top university.

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Meet the Research Team

Kelly Metcalfe

Associate Dean, Research & External Relations

Profile of Shefali Ram

Shefali Ram

Director, Research Administration

Profile of Marian Smith

Marian Smith

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean, Research & External Relations

Farideh Tavanger

Research Data Analyst

Profile of Karin Trajcevski

Karin Trajcevski

Strategic Research Development Officer

Myra Kang

Financial and Payroll Assistant

How we can help you

Visiting and International Scholars

Are you an international scholar interested in visiting Bloomberg Nursing? Learn more about our Global Nursing Scholars Program.

Proposal Development

We work with researchers throughout the proposal cycle. Our goal is to help improve the overall success rates of grants and applications. Learn more.

Stats and Analysis

The Research Office provides a pay-for-service research and data analyst to support you in your research. Graduate students may also make use of this offer. Learn more.